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=== '''Investigadores''' ===
=== '''Investigadores''' ===
*Dr. Rubén Bottini. ''e-mail'':
*Dr. Rubén Bottini. []
*Dra. Patricia Piccoli. ''e-mail'':
*Dra. Patricia Piccoli. []
*Dra. Ana Cohen. ''e-mail'':
*Dra. Ana Cohen. []
=== '''Becarios''' ===
=== '''Becarios''' ===
*Lic. María Victoria Salomón. ''e-mail'':
*Lic. María Victoria Salomón. []
*Dra. Daniela Moreno. ''e-mail'':  
*Dra. Daniela Moreno. []
*Ing. Rodrigo Alonso. ''e-mail'':
*Ing. Rodrigo Alonso. []
*Ing. Germán Murcia. ''e-mail'':
*Ing. Germán Murcia. []
*Dr. Federico Berli. ''e-mail'':
*Dr. Federico Berli. []
=== '''Personal de Apoyo''' ===
=== '''Personal de Apoyo''' ===
*Ing. Leonardo Bolcato. ''e-mail'':
*Ing. Leonardo Bolcato. []

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Publicaciones (últimos 10 años)

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