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MSc Ing. Agr. Roberto Borgo

MSc Ing. Agr. Juan Bruno Cavagnaro

MSc Ing. Agr. Miguel Cirrincione

Dra. Silvina Greco

MSc Ing. Agr. Mónica Guiñazú

Dra. Liliana Martinez

Dr. Carlos Passera

MSc Ing. Agr. María Tereza Ponce

Lic. Carmen Sartor


Lic. Biol Mol Maria Ines de Rosas

Lic. Biol Mol Martín Duran

Dra. Leonor Deis

Ing. Agr. Francisco Gonzalez Antivilo

Ing. Agr. Alejandro Tonolli

Ing. Agr. Gisela Ortiz Uriburu


Lic Biol Daniel Juarez



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