The Mystery of the Giant Sloths Cave

De Mendoza CONICET

The documentary retells the discovery of an exceptional palaeological deposit that will revolutionize our knowledge of giant sloths. In the heart of Brazil, amidst the sublime setting of the Chapada Diamantina (a natural reserve in the state of Bahia), a dover stumbles upon a few strange bones at the bottom of the flooded cave baptized "Poco Azul" (the blue cave). Driven by his curiosity, he consults with Castor Cartelle, a Brazilian paleontologist who soon finds himself behind an international scientific expedition, which includes a French paleontologist, François Pujos, and a Canadian one, Gerry De Iuliis.

In extreme conditions, a team of divers and these three specialists, who belongs to the most important giant Sloths specialists on the planet will uncover a true palaeological "Eldorado"m which will bring to light a number of revelations on these extraordinary animals extinct for over 10 thousand years...

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