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Research lines

Our group is interested in understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms of the grapevine, responsible for the regulation of different traits related to the grape and wine quality. In particular our work focuses on: i) studying the genetic control of the anthocyanins profiles in grape skin; ii) the molecular and genetic analysis of stilbene synthase gene family (STS) that regulates the production of resveratrol; and iii) the study of genes involved in determining the size and shape of the berry.

Our approach is based on characterizing and exploiting the grapevine natural genetic variation for these traits using genetic and genomic tools. To this end, we collaborate with other groups in the characterization and genetic analysis of different materials (grapevine varieties, wild accessions, clones, somatic variants and mapping populations). In addition, we participate in the development and application of new genomic analysis tools such as molecular markers (SNPs and SSRs) and microarrays to analyze global gene expression.

The generation of this knowledge has direct application to the selection of clones and varieties with new productive features. Moreover, the developed tools have wide application for genetic identification as well as for monitoring the grape development or the response to different environmental or culture conditions.

Group members

  • Diego Lijavetzky - Research scientist (CONICET) (Principal investigator)
  • Claudio Muñoz - Postgraduate fellow (CONICET)
  • Constanza Soledad Chialva - Postgraduate fellow (CONICET)
  • Cecilia Grissi - Postgraduate fellow (CONICET)

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  • INTA Mendoza (Sebastian Gomez Talquenca, Melisa Lanza Volpe, Rocío Torres)
  • Grupo de Fotobiología IBAM (Carina Gonzalez, Hernán E Boccalandro)
  • Instituto de la Ciencia de la Vid y el Vino-Logroño, España (José Miguel Martinez Zapater, Javier Ibañez, Pablo Carbonell Bejerano)
  • Universidad de Murcia, España (Mª Angeles Pedreño, Lorena Almagro)



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Funded projects

  • Candidate gene analysis in the determination of grapevine fruit size. 06/A594. Biennial projects 2011-2013. SeCTyP-UNCUYO. (PI: Diego Lijavetzky)
  • Characterization of grapevine clones using genomic and biochemical tools. Scientific and technological collaboration funded by Catena-Zapata winery (Bodegas Esmeralda S.A.). (PI: Diego Lijavetzky)
  • Characterization of grapevine cultivars and clones using genomic tools. ES/09/07. Scientific & Technological Cooperation Programme MINCYT (Argentina) y MICINN (Spain). (PI: Diego Lijavetzky)
  • Genetic regulation of resveratrol accumulation in grapevine. Natural genetic variation and response to different stress. PAE-PICT-02360. National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology. (PI: Diego Lijavetzky)
  • Use and development of genomic and transcriptomic tools for the characterization and study of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) cultivars and clones. PRH-PICT2008-00270. National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology. (PI: Diego Lijavetzky)
  • Generation, transfer and broadcasting of scientific and technological knowledge to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of Argentina's viticulture and wine industry. PAE2006. National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology. (PI: Rubén Bottini)
  • Functional genomics in the elicitation of plant cell cultures for the production of compounds with anti-tumor activity. FUNDACION SENECA. Murcia. (PI: María Angeles Pedreño García)



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