Mamíferos exóticos de Argentina/ The exotic mammals of Argentina

De Mendoza CONICET

The exotic mammals of Argentina

Agustina Novillo and Ricardo A. Ojeda

Exotic mammals in South America represent about 20% of world mammal introductions. The aim of our paper is to provide a global assessment of the exotic mammals of Argentina, their pathways, impacts, and a synthesis of their attributes as potential invasive species. We reviewed and compiled data from a diversity of sources and databases on alien mammals occurring in feral state exclusively. We recorded 18 species of exotic mammals for Argentina. The majority of introductions occurred between the 18th and 19th centuries and their ports of entry were located in temperate ecosystems, between 34� and 55� SL. Most of their entry pathways were associated with human activities (e.g. sport hunting, food and fur industry). The exotic mammals occupy ecoregions similar to their original distributions, but most of them have experienced a range expansion to novel habitats. The fauna of exotic mammals of Argentina represents a good opportunity to understand the dynamics of the invasion process as they represent a diversity of ecological groups and environmental contexts.

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